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Everything I know I learned from Doctor Who.

It seems since the 50’s the Christmas tree (originally a pagan symbol, may I add) has evolved to not only represent Christianity but the American idea of the holidays. (Don’t bite my head off, trolls. I never said it was exclusively American). Lots of families who don’t actively practice religion still consider the tree a tradition.

So, given the separation of Church and State, why the FUCKING SHIT is it such a big deal that some kid in California made an “I chose to make a religious ornament? Children these days are taught (rightfully, I believe) to say “happy holidays.” Since public schools get federal funding, they have no right to favor any one religious holiday observance over any others.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…"

And who’s to say that all the people (primarily students) making these ornaments even practice Christianity? I’m sure more than a few Muslim or Jewish or Pastafarian people decided to participate in this tradition. So again, why the hubbub over no Jesus ornaments?!?

Gah. Here’s the article:

My best work yet, if I do say so myself. Happy Halloween!


I’m officially bored of tumblr…

That’s my car (or more likely someone else’s car that is the same Make/Model/Year/Color as mine) in the background of an episode of Monk.
But I do live in the area almost all of the show was shot in, and this happened before I got the car, so it could have been…

I don’t normally post things on here that are also on my Facebook since this is for me and the Facebook is for other people.

However, this is pretty damn epic.

A blonde woman in Monte Carlo crashed her Bentley Azure into a Porsche 911, an Aston Martin Rapide, some sort of Mercedes and, most importantly, a Ferrari F430.

Most people have to aim to hit that many cars in one go, and it takes talent to even find so many expensive cars on one road.

Estimated total cost of the cars: £700,000.
Estimated cost of damages: £40,000.
What they’re going to say about this on Top Gear: priceless.

A Shitty Day…

Trying on clothes only reminds me how crooked my back is. It’s only when you’re really assessing how you look in front of a mirror (something I’ve learned not to do anymore) that you realize your flaws. After a whole day of trying to straighten out my back, I’m in more pain than I’ve been in weeks.

On top of that, I’m agoraphobic. I hate being around people. The worst thing for me is standing in line when the person behind you is practically standing on top of your ass. So to keep count, I’m in pain and I’ve spent the whole day in a state of anxiety.

Then, to top it all off with that nasty sweet cherry, I get bitched at by my grandfather for parking my car too close to the house. His reasoning seems to be that I did it deliberately so the car would leak oil on the driveway instead of the board he put down. Apparently, the fact that my grandmother was having difficulty backing out of the driveway because my car was parked too far back is irrelevant.

So to this day, I say: Fuck YOU.

I wish I were one of those people who enjoyed running and celery and things like that. I actually enjoy television, chocolate cake, and ice cream. Recipe for success? I think not.

There’s nothing quite like…

… that light feeling in your heart when something’s about to happen, but you don’t know what it is. It’s like normal excitement boiling over the brim of your chest up and over your ears.

Things You Never Expect Your Grandmother to Say

"Man, she’s got dick coming out of the woodwork!"

    -My Grandmother, on Sookie Stackhouse and True Blood